Bloodlines: The Price of Magic Campaign

The small kingdom of Cantos is slowly recovering from fending off an invasion by the Empire of the Drakiene, an easern empire trying to spread west. There is one major mountian pass that would allow the Drakiene to flood into Cantos, but it was blocked by a massive expenditure of magic and the raising of The Wall. The Wall, a huge curtain wall, which spans the mountain pass preventing anyone from invading. The Wall is manned by the best fighters in Cantos and keeps the Drakiene at bay. The final battles of the Great War were fought over 300 years ago, but the Cantos people are very long lived and many still remember the dark times clearly.

Recently, there has been a change in the stalemate between Cantos and the Drakiene Empire. A massive build up of the armies facing Cantos has begun; Seemingly at the direction of the new God Emporer of the Drakiene. The ArchRike of Cantos has authorized the recruitement of young fighters to attempt to recover a ancient artifact from the Caves of Chaos which might be able to stop the invasion or cripple the invading army enough to keep it from swarming through the pass and destroying the Wall.

A Captain of the Wall, and a relative of the King, Duke Kieron Ap Morgan of the Grey Wardens was tasked with finding adventurers willing to enter the Caves of Chaos and search for the artifact. Duke Kieron was able to recruit a small group, all hailing from the little town of Dunkirck. Dunkirckians are known throughout Cantos as being some of the best fighters, trained from when they are young to defend the town and thus, they often make excellent soldiers, scouts, and warriors. The town is a example of tolerance with Veterrian (Elves), Stonefolk (Dwarves), Crithine (Orcs), and half-bloods all treated the same.

In addition, Dunkirckians can trace their lineage in a direct line of descent from the greatest Heroes of the War, and thus, they may be able to wield the ancient weapons once used to drive the Drakiene back across the moutains and hold them while the Wall was raised.

Having signed up with the Grey Wardens to join in the expedition to the Caves of Chaos, the party must wait to begin their adventure three months hence when the snow melts in the mountians allowing access to the Caves, During the wait, the young Dunkirkians have taken the time to get additional training, and to practice working together to avoid confusion on the battlefield. An interesting group has formed, consisting of two Veterrians, two Stonefolk, and two Crithines. Will these adventures be destined to wield the ancient weapons? Are they the ones who will suceed in surving the Caves of Chaos? And are they willing to pay the price to awaken their ability to work magic?

This is a Hero System 5th Edition Fantasy Hero campaign set in my own world. In this world everyone has the potential for magic and magic falls into three catagories: Knacks (10 AP powers), Talents (10-30 AP powers) and the Gifted (10-60 AP powers). All characters who wish to use magic have to take the skill: Power- Magic in order to tap into the magic of the land. For anyone who wishes to use more than a knack, a potentially deadly potion must be taken to fully awaken the power of the bloodline to use magic. For the Gifted, in addition to the potion, they must undergo a terrible secret rite which unlocks the full power of their blood. However, over the years, its has been found that users of magic will be unable to have childern. Those who use magic to create artifacts, don’t seem to have this problem, but those who wield magic directly are often forced to take aprenticies to carry on their legacy.